Traditional Scottish Songs
- Glaisca Whisky

This song was written by J Livingston who was born in 1858. While at first sight it seems to sing the praises of "Glasgow Whisky," this song was apparently written tongue in cheek - a newspaper article read by the author had highlighted the sale of adulterated whisky in Glasgow public houses at the beginning of the 20th century.

Glaisca Whisky

Come all ye folks who weary are
O' life, its cares and trouble,
Who anything will do and dare
So you may burst the bubble;
I have a plan within my head
That's new and nothing risky,
Whene'er you want to nick the thread,
Just try oor Glaisca whisky.

Try oor Glaisca whisky;
Try oor Glaisca whisky;
It gies us pleasure wi' our death,
So hey for Glaisca whisky!

A plunge in Clyde's no just the thing;
But people who are dreary
May into it themselves gae fling,
But I'm for something cheery.
The knife - the name o't gars me grue,
An' mak's my face look dusky;
But I prefer the barley broo,
An' stick to Glaisca whisky.


Death by the rape - weel, I'm no sure
But I'd prefer't to mony;
But then, my frien's, a dance in air
Is onything but bonny;
So they may hang themselves wha will,
But I'm for something frisky
Hey, landlord, fetch anither gill
O' hame-made Glaisca whisky.


The pooshin stuffs the doctors sell
You scarcely can get ony,
But Glaisca whisky bears the bell,
It's flavoured wi' sae mony;
An' pooshin sellin's sae fenced roun',
To buy it is but risky;
But ye may cut throats, hang, or droon,
When primed wi' Glaisca whisky!


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