Traditional Scottish Songs
- The Four Marys

Mary Queen of Scots' ladies in waiting were all called Mary.

The Four Marys

Last night there were four Marys
Tonight there'll be but three:
There was Mary Seaton and Mary Beaton
And Mary Carmichael and me.

Word's gane tae the kitchen
And word's gane tae the hall
That Mary Hamilton's great wi' child
By the highest Stewart of a'

Arise, arise, Mary Hamilton
Arise and come wi' me
There is a wedding in Glasgow town
This night we'll go and see

She put nae on her robes of black
Nor yet her robes of brown
But she put on her gown of white
Tae ride into Glasgow town

Oh, often hae I dressed my Queen
And put on her braw silk gown
But all the thanks I've got tonight
Is to be hanged in Glasgow Town.

Oh, often hae I dressed my Queen
And put gold in her hair
But noo I've gotten my reward
The gallows tae be my share

For little did my mother think
When first she cradled me
The lands I was to tread in
Or the death I was tae dee

Oh, happy, happy is the maid
That's born of beauty free
It was my dimplin' rosy cheeks
That's been the doom of me

Cast off, cast off my gown, she cried
But let my petticoats be
And tie a napkin around my face
The gallows I would not see

They'll tie a kerchief around my eyes
That I may not see to dee
And they'll never tell my father or mother
But that I'm across the sea.

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