Traditional Scottish Songs
- Fair Edina

Edinburgh's name originated in the ancient Brythonic word "eiddyn" meaning a hill or rock face in the days when it was part of Northumbria. The "burgh" element originally just meant a cluster of houses. The Gaelic name for Edinburgh was "Dun Eideann" (which was exported to New Zealand's Dunedin) where "dun" can mean a fortress. In this song by Charles Nicol, the more poetic name "Edina" is used.

      Fair Edina

Fair Edina, oh, classic name,
   Scott's own romantic town,
A city with a history
   That one is proud to own;
The scenery is magnificent
   That on every side you meet,
And law and learning there holds sway
   In Scotia's darling seat.

Then here's to dear "Auld Reekie,"
   'Tis Scotia's joy and pride,
And here's to bonnie Firth of Forth,
   Where waters softly glide;
May its sons and daughters prosper
   Wherever they may be,
And success follow fair Dunedin,
   The city by the sea.

Auld Edinburgh has given birth
   To many worthy sons,
Who've left their names in history
   And aye stuck to their guns;
And down in stately Holyrood
   Lived Scotland's hapless Queen,
Within its walls hath taken place
   Many a stirring scene.


In famous Princes Street you view
   Bright spots on every hand,
And then the noble castle, too,
   So majestic and grand.
Sir Walter Scott's fine monument,
   And everything complete,
Is all so pleasing to the eye
   In Scotia's darling seat.


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