Traditional Scottish Songs
- Dumbarton's Drums

Dumbarton Castle has been a citadel for over 1,000 years.

Dumbarton's Drums

Dumbarton's drums, they sound so bonnie
And they remind me o' my Johnnie;
What fond delight doth steal upon me
When Johhnie kneels and kisses me.

My love he is a handsome laddie,
And though he is Dumbarton's caddie
Some day I'll be a captain's lady,
When Johnnie tends his vow to me.


Across the fields of bounding heather,
Dumbarton sounds the hour of pleasure;
The joy I know will know no measure,
When Johnnie kneels and kisses me.


'Tis he alone that can delight me,
His roving eye it doth invite me;
And when his tender arms enfold me,
The blackest night doth turn and flee.


Meaning of unusual words:
caddie=messenger boy

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