Traditional Scottish Songs
- A Wee Drappie O't

In a country where life was hard, it is understandable that many hard working people forgot their cares by having a drink of whisky or other alcohol, from time to time. Here is an old traditional vagabond song about the "benefits" of a Wee Drappie O't.

A Wee Drappie O't

This life is a journey we a' hae to gang,
And care is the burden we carry alang;
Though heavy be the burden and poverty our lot,
We'll be happy a' thegither owre a wee drappie o't.

Owre a wee drappie o't, owre a wee drappie o't,
We'll be happy a' thegither owre a wee drappie o't.

View the birk in winter, a' leafless and bare,
Resemblin' a man in winter wi' a burden o' care,
But view the birk in summer, wi' its braw, leafy coat,
Rejoicin' like a man owre a wee drappie o't.


We're a' met thegither owre a glass and a sang,
We're a' met thegither by special command;
Free frae mean ambition and every evil thought,
We'll be happy while we may, owre a wee drappie o't.


When friendship and truth and good fellowship reign,
And fouk grown auld are made youthfu' again;
Where ilka heart is happy, and wardly cares forgot,
Is when we're met thegither owre a wee drappie o't.


Job in his lamentation said man was made tae mourn,
That there's nae such thing as pleasure frae the cradle to the urn;
But in his meditation Job surely had forgot,
The pleasure man derives owre a wee drappie o't.

Meaning of unusual words:
Wee Drappie O't=small drop of it (whisky)
a' hae to gang=all have to go
birk=birch tree

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