Traditional Scottish Songs
- Down in the Glen

This song was written by Harry Gordon and Tommie Connor and became a regular feature of the repertoire of such Scottish singers as Robert Wilson and Kenneth MacKellar. You can download an MP3 version of this song from Margaret Donaldson's Web site.

Down in the Glen

Twilight is softly falling as the sun sinks in the West,
The one I love is calling, "Shepherd, come home to rest."

At hush of even-tide,
O'er the hills beyond the Clyde,
I go roaming to my heaven,
Down in the Glen

Though humble it may be,
There an angel waits for me,
In that lonely little heaven,
Down in the glen.


Across the moonlit heather,
My lassie calls as I roam,
'Tis soon we'll be together
In that heaven we call "home".


The sheep are in the fold,
And there's peace worth more than gold,
For that shepherd in that heaven,
Down in the glen.


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