Traditional Scottish Songs
- In Praise of Claret

This song was written by William Hamilton of Gilbertfield (1665-1751). In those days, claret was a popular French wine in Scotland.

In Praise of Claret

The dull draff-drink maks me sae dowff,
A' I can do's but bark and yowff;
Yet set me in a claret howff
Wi' folk that's chancy,
My muse may len' me then a gowff
To clear my fancy.

Then Bacchus-like I'd bawl and bluster,
And a' the Muses 'bout me muster,
Sae merrily I'd squeeze the cluster,
And drink the grape,
'T wad gi'e my verse a brighter lustre,
And better shape.

Meaning of unusual words:
Draff-drink = inferior whisky
dowff = dull, spiritless
yowff = give short, sharp barks
howff = a haunt, resort, tavern
chancy = lucky, bringing good luck
gowff = blow, cuff

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