Traditional Scottish Songs
- Hail Caledonia!

This stirring song (frequently sung by the likes of Kenneth McKellar) was written around 1912 by Hugh Ogilvie. The date may explain the use of the word "Scotchmen" which would never be used today. The song is sometimes known as "Scotland Forever" from the end of the repeated chorus.

Caledonia is a frequent subject in the songs and poetry of Scotland. Burns wrote (or collected) a song Caledonia and James Hogg, the Ettrick Poet also wrote a poem Caledonia. Sir Walter Scott, in his Lay of the Last Minstrel wrote of "O Caledonia! stern and, wild". A modern song "Caledonia" by Dougie Maclean ("Caledonia you're calling me / And now I'm going home") became very popular in the 1980s but that is still under copyright.

Hail Caledonia!

Let the Irish sing of their Em'rld Isle
Where the four leav'd shamrock grows,
Let the English praise their valleys and braes,
And the bonny blooming rose,
But give me the land of the heather and the kilt,
The mountain and the river,
For the blood leaps in my veins
When I hear the bagpipe's strains
Scotland, dear old Scotland forever!

Hail Caledonia! land of my childhood,
Home of my birth, so radiant and fair.
Though I have roam'd through the world and its beauties,
Nowhere on earth with thee can compare.
Thou art majestic and regal in splendour,
Thou art the land of the gallant and free,
Lassies with hearts aye so true and so tender.
Hail Caledonia! how I love thee!


Hail Caledonia! birthplace of heroes
Whose names are scribed on the parchment of fame;
Heroes whose lives were a noble example
That others might follow and honour thy name.
Scotchmen, I give you a toast, make it your toast
Fill up your glasses, aye, full to the brim:
Here's to Auld Scotland, her lads and her lassies -
Long rule Britannia! God save the King!


Hail Caledonia! thy name acts like magic
On each Scottish heart when they're far o'er the sea.
Down in the South when their day's work is over
Their thoughts turn back, dear old Scotland to thee.
Thy sons are respected and lov'd o'er the world.
A Scotchman is always so staunch and so true.
And if in battle his standard's unfurl'd,
He'll give his life's blood, Caledonia for you. Chorus

Meaning of unusual words:
aye=can be "always" or just "yes"

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