Traditional Scottish Songs
- Silver Bridge Across the Clyde

Silver Bridges Across the Clyde Here is a song about fond memories of a childhood in Glasgow and the bridges which span the Clyde. The song was written by Ranald Alasdair MacDonald of Keppoch who in recent years has been confirmed by the Lord Lyon as Chief of the Honourable Clan Ranald of Lochaber Mac-Mhic Raonuill.

Silver bridges continue to be built across the Clyde - and two more are in the pipeline. The illustration shows the pedestrian Bell's Bridge and the crossing between the Glasgow Science Centre and the Moathouse Hotel. In the distance is the Kingston Bridge, one of the busiest river crossings in Europe.

Silver Bridge Across the Clyde

In Glasgow town where I was born
   Amid the city noise,
The scene has changed in recent years
   Where we once lived as boys.

My memory takes me back again
   To childhood days gone by,
But one thing I remember still
   Brings tear-drops to my eye.

Silver Bridge across the Clyde
   Spread your wide arms over me.
Dancing light upon the water
   Brings my boyhood back to me.

The tram cars rattling through the night
   When we were fast asleep;
The games we played when we were young
   The art of living cheap.

Now who could dream that beauty lay
   Beneath your smoking stacks?
But love and youth all mingled there
   Inside your homely shacks.


On summer days we often played
   Out in the Bluebell Wood,
And though we lived amongst the stour
   Our young hearts understood.

For we could sense that heaven lay
   Outside the city bound,
And God's white light of moonlight beams
   Is what our young eyes found.


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