Traditional Scottish Songs
- Bonnie Scotland I Adore Thee

Here is a simple sentimental song with which we can all readily identify.

Bonnie Scotland I Adore Thee

Bonnie Scotland I adore thee,
Now I wander gladly o'er thee,
Thy enchantment will restore me,
Bonnie, bonnie Scotland.

Mid the rays of summer weather,
Sweetly blooms thy mountain heather,
Love and beauty sport together,
Bonnie, bonnie Scotland.


Bonnie Scotland, land of grandeur,
Where the sparkling streams meander,
Here will I delight to wander,
Bonnie, Bonnie Scotland.


Thou art dearest to me ever,
From my bosom banish'd never,
Ne'er again we hope to sever,
Bonnie, Bonnie Scotland.


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