Traditional Scottish Songs
- Braes of Balquhidder

This is the version of a traditional song written by Robert Tannahill (1774-1810). The tune is also well known with the words "Wild Mountain Thyme". Balquhidder (also with the spelling Balquidder and Balquheder, but all pronounced as "Balwhither") is a village in Stirlingshire at the foot of Loch Voil. The famous Rob Roy MacGregor is buried in a local churchyard.

Braes of Balquhidder

Will you go lassie go
   To the braes of Balquidder
Where the high mountains run
   And the bonnie blooming heather
Where the ram and the deer
   They go bounding together
Spend a long summer day
   By the braes of Balquidder

Oh no sir, she said,
   I am too young to be your lover
For my age is scarce sixteen
   And I dare not for my mother
And beside being so young
   I am afraid you're some deceiver
That have come to charm me here
   By the braes of Balquidder

Your beauty soon will alter
   I will deprive you of this chance
And live happy with some other
   I will roam this world all over
Until I find some maid of honour
   That will go along with me
To the braes of Balquidder

Oh come back, oh come back
   For I think you're no deceiver
Oh come back, oh come back
   I will never love none other
I will leave all my friends
   Father, Mother, Sister, Brother
And I will go along with you
   To the braes of Balquidder

Oh now they have gone
   To that bonnie highland mountain
For to view the green fields
   Likewise its silvery fountain
Its there they are united
   And joined in love together
Spend a long summer day
   By the braes of Balquidder

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