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Slide Show of Scottish Graphics, 2008 - Page 1

Each year on this site, a calendar, illustrated with pictures taken from around Scotland, is added to the Rampant Scotland site. The calendar gives a choice of graphics for each user to select to print for his/her calendar. The calendar is available throughout the year but clearly it is accessed more to view the pictures of Scotland, rather than printing pages for the remaining months of the year. So to make viewing easier, here is a slide show of all 48 of the pictures used for the 2008 calendar. (For the calendar itself, click here ). The graphics are copyright Rampant Scotland - but feel free to use them for personal, non-commercial use.

And the slideshows of the 96 pictures from the 2006 Calendar and 2007 Calendar are also available!

Navigate by clicking on the arrows to see each index page and/or click on the arrows on each picture page to see them all as a slide show or return to the index page.

If you want to go to the Rampant Scotland Home/Index page, just click on the Rampant Lion near the top of this page.

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