Traditional Scottish Recipes
- Honey Sauce

This sweet sauce can be poured over steamed puddings, milk puddings, pancakes and sweet omelettes. Of course, heather honey tastes the best, if you can obtain it! The quantities given below provide enough sauce for four servings.

Half pound (225g) honey
Half pint (300ml) water
1 large beaten egg
1 rounded teaspoon butter
Finely grated rind and the juice of half an orange
Finely grated rind and the juice of half a lemon

Place the honey and water in a bowl or double saucepan and heat until it is well blended. Then add the juice and grated rind of the orange and lemon, butter and finally the well-beaten egg.
Heat over hot water, stirring constantly for about ten minutes or until it has thickened slightly.
Pour over your pudding, pancakes or sweet omelette.

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