Traditional Scottish Recipes
- Gaelic Fruits

Here is a great way to provide after-dinner sweets, using fruit, chocolate - and whisky. What a perfect combination!

4 ounces (125g) plain chocolate
4 ounces (125g) milk chocolate
4 ounces (125g) white chocolate
6 tablespoons Scotch whisky
Assorted fresh fruit - strawberries, seedless grapes, cherries (de-stoned or glacÚ), pieces of apple and pineapple.

Break up the chocolate into separate heat-proof bowls and melt over a pan of hot water. Don't let the chocolate get too hot - and take care especially with the white chocolate as it is the most difficult to melt. Allow the melted chocolate to cool slightly.
Add two tablespoons of whisky to each bowl of chocolate and stir slightly. Dip the fruits into the whisky and chocolate mixture and arrange carefully on a large plate or dish. Make sure that none of the fruits touch each other. Chill before serving so that the chocolate is set.

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