Traditional Scottish Recipes
- Herring with Drambuie Butter

Herring in oatmeal is a classic Scottish dish. In more modern times, chefs have added their own touches to the basic dish. Drambuie Butter is one way of adding to the flavours.

Allow two herrings per person
4 oz unsalted butter (one stick)
2 teaspoons lemon juice
1 tablespoon finely chopped parsley
3 tablespoons Drambuie liqueur

Prepare the herring as per the Herring in Oatmeal page after you have prepared the Drambuie Butter (below).

To make the Drambuie Butter, simply soften the butter but don't melt it. Beat in the other ingredients and then roll out into a cylinder shape witha diameter of about one inch. Wrap in foil/greaseproof paper/vegetable parchment/waxed paper and leave in the refridgerator to harden again. Cut into slices and place two on each fish immediately before serving the cooked herrings. Add garnish of cress or lemon according to preference.
Any leftover butter can be put on a tray and frozen and stored in small freezer bags. But don't keep them for more than one week.

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