Traditional Scottish Recipes
- Whisky and Chocolate Crunch

What a deadly combination - whisky and chocolate! Who could resist? In the ingredients, chocolate digestive biscuits are known as Chocolate Graham Crackers in North America.

6 oz chocolate digestive biscuits (Graham Crackers)
1 pint whipped cream
3 tablespoons whisky (vary to suit your taste)
1 oz caster sugar (granulated sugar)
2 egg whites
2 drops vanilla essence (extract)
1 oz toasted split almonds
Grated chocolate for decoration

Finely crush the chocolate digestive biscuits and spread equally in the bottom of six sundae dishes. Whip together the cream, whisky, sugar and vanilla until stiff. Separately, whip the egg whites until they are also stiff and then fold into the cream mixture. Spoon equal quantities into the dishes over the biscuits. Chill and finally decorate with the toasted almonds and grated chocolate.

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