Traditional Scottish Recipes
- Whisky or Drambuie Cocktails

Here are some more recipes for cocktails using whisky or Drambuie liqueur.

Auld Nick - each drink has 50% whisky, 25% Drambuie and 12.5% of orange juice and 12.5% of lemon juice.

Deansgate - One measure of Drambuie, one measure of lime juice and two measures of white rum.

Ecstasy - equal measures of Drambuie, cognac and French Vermouth.

Highland Fling - mix two measures of whisky to one of Italian Vermouth and add two dashes of orange bitters. Serve with an olive.

Highland Milkmaid - using a spoon, gently add cream to the top of a generous serving of whisky.

Isle of Skye - Equal measures of Drambuie, gin and lemon juice.

Scottish Sparkle Punch - Mix a bottle of dry white wine, two-thirds of a cup of Drambuie and the juice of a lemon in a jug. Chill and, just before it is to be used, add a bottle of chilled sparkling wine and two cups of lemonade. Add plenty of ice before serving.

Tam O' Shanter - 3 glasses of whisky, 2 glasses French Vermouth, half a glass of orange juice. Shake well, add a little nutmeg and serve with an olive.

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