Traditional Scottish Recipes
- Scotch Broth

Mutton was a frequent ingredient in Scottish meals and when Scotch Broth soup was being made, the mutton would often be used as the main course, rather than being chopped up and returned to the pot. The quantities noted below will make enough soup for six people. You can use a boiling fowl (stewing fowl) instead of mutton, in which case it is called "Hen Broth".

1lb mutton or one-year-old neck of lamb
3 pints of water
1oz pearl barley and 2oz dried peas, soaked overnight
A large carrot a large onion, a small leek (all sliced), a small diced turnip and 4oz shredded cabbage
1 level tablespoon of chopped parsley

Trim any excess fat from the mutton and put in a large pan with the water, pearl barley, peas and seasoning. Bring to the boil and simmer for an hour.
Add the carrot, onion, leek and turnip, return to the boil and simmer for another 30 minutes or until the vegetables are just cooked. Add the cabbage and cook for another 15 minutes. Remove the mutton from the pot and trim off the meat (into small pieces if they are to be served with the soup) and return it to the pot, discarding the bone. Skim off any fat, season to taste and sprinkle parsley on the piping hot bowls of soup before serving.

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