Traditional Scottish Recipes
- Haggis Millefeuille with bashed neeps and champit tatties, candied tomatoes, black pudding mousse, crisp rosti and malt whisky jus.

This is not the standard haggis meal (though bashed neeps and champit tatties - chopped up turnip/swede and mashed/creamed potatoes - are the usual accompaniment). Instead, it is a special recipe from the kitchens of the Turnberry Hotel. The ingredients are sufficient for four people and assumes that you have haggis and black pudding available.

Ingredients for the tomatoes:
4 plum tomatoes
25 g (1 oz) sugar
5 g sea salt
5 g mixed herbs
1 clove of garlic, finely chopped

Ingredients for the malt whisky jus:
60g (2 oz or ½ stick) butter

50g (2 oz) chopped vegetables (eg carrot, leek, onion, celery)
60 ml (4 tablespoons) malt whisky
1 litre (1½ pints) brown stock (beef)
salt and pepper

Ingredients for the crisp rosti:
60 ml (4 tablespoons) olive oil
180g (6 oz) shredded raw potato
salt and pepper

Ingredients for the black pudding mousse:
300g black pudding
65g skinless breast of chicken

Main Ingredients:
375g (12 oz) hot haggis
180g (6 oz) turnip puree
180g (6 oz) potato puree
25 g (1 oz) leek, finely chopped, deep-fried

Method for the tomatoes:
Slice tomatoes and place in 4 interleaving circles approximately 10cm in diameter on an oven tray lined with silicone paper. Mix sugar, sea salt, mixed herbs and chopped garlic together. Sprinkle mixture evenly over circles of tomatoes. Place in preheated oven (150C /gas mark 2) for 30 minutes. Remove and allow to cool.

Method for the malt whisky jus:
melt half butter in thick bottomed pan. Add chopped vegetables and cook gently for 2-3 minutes. Add malt whisky and flambé. Add brown stock and reduce by two-thirds. Remove from heat, season and whisk in remaining butter. Keep warm without boiling.

Method for the crisp rosti:
To make 12 rosti, 3 per serving, heat olive oil in a small 10cm diameter saucepan. Season raw shredded potato with salt and pepper, and place a thin layer covering bottom of pan. Cook and colour rosti for few minutes then turn over with palette knife and colour other side. Repeat. If rosti needs more cooking place on roasting tray and finish cooking in a hot oven.

Method for the black pudding mousse:
Pass black pudding and chicken breast through food processor for 4-5 minutes, making sure paste is smooth. Wrap mousse in clingfilm then in tinfoil to form a sausage shape. Secure with string. Steam over boiling water for 25 minutes until mousse is fully cooked. Reserve in hot place until assembly

To serve:
Place a round pastry cutter in middle of serving plate and press a layer of haggis into cutter. Place one of the rosti potatoes on top of haggis. Place on ring of candied tomatoes on rosti. Place pastry cutter on to tomato and press a layer of potato puree into cutter. Place another layer of rosti, potato and tomato ring on top of potato. Place pastry cutter on top of next tomato and press a layer of turnip into cutter. Place another rosti potato and tomato ring on top of turnip.

Top tomato with black pudding mousse - your dish will be tower shaped.

Drizzle malt whisky jus around plate and garnish with deep fried leek.

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