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This page is part of an index of the 2,000 nobles and clergy who signed the Ragman Rolls of 1296 (and 1291). See the link at the end of the page if you wish to go to sections relating to other letters of the alphabet or to find out more about the background to these documents.

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Rabuk, Johan (baillif de Linlefcu).

Rainaldefton. Rogier de (del counte de Rokefburgh).

Rammefeye (Ramefeye), Adam, de (del counte de Fyf).

Rammefeye, Andreu de (del counte de Ergayl).

Rammefeye, Dunkan de (perfone del Eglife de Loghore).

Rammefeye, Johan de (del counte de Fyf).

Rammefeye, Johan fiz Nece de (del counte de Fyf).

Rammefeye, Margarete de (del counte de Berewyk).

Rammefeye, Robert de (del counte do de Berewyk).

Rammefeye, Thomas de (del counte del Anegos).

Rammefeye, William de (del counte de Edeneburgh).

Rammefeye, William de (del counte de Fyf).

Rammefeye, Sire William de (del counte de Edeneburgh).

Randolf de Fediche, Johan fiz (del counte de Fyf).

Randolf, Johan fiz (del counte de Rokefburgh).

Randoluefton, Johan de (del counte de Fyf).

Rat (Rate), Andreu de (chiualier, del counte de Inuernarn).

Rat (Rate), Dominus Geruafius de (Geruays de Rate, chiualer).

Rat (Rate), Geruays (del counte de Inuernarn).

Rath, Rogier de (del counte de Are).

Ratheuen, Dominus Willielmus de (miles); (William de Ratheuen, chiualer).

Rauenefgraf, Robert de (del counte de Lanark).

Rauefmaugh (Ranefmaugh), Henry (burgois de Pebbles).

Raueffone, William (del counte de Berewyk).

Rauf, Robert fiz (perfone del Eglife de Seint Cuthbert de Ewytefdale, del counte de Are).

Raulfefton, Thomas de (del counte de Lanark).

Rattheu, perfone del Eglife de, Richard (del counte de Edeneburgh).

Redebogh, Robert de (del counte de Are).

Redepeth, William de (del counte de Berewyk).

Reinfru, Adam de (del counte de Edeneburgh).

Renyngton, Symund de (burgoys de Jeddeworth).

Rereys, Randulf de (del counte de Fyf).

Richard, Adam le fiz (burgois de Striuelyn).

Richard, William fiz (del counte de Pebbles).

Richardefton, Margerie de (del counte de Edeneburgh).

Riche, Steuene le (del counte de Striuelyn).

Rillewod, Thomas de (del counte de Rokefburgh).

Ripon. Wautier de (burgois de Edenburgh).

Roberton, Steuene de (del counte de Lanark).

Roche de Corftorfyn, William de la (del counte de Edeneburgh).

Roche, Waldef de la (burgois de Edenburgh).

Roffa, Aleyn de (del counte de Dunfres).

Rokefburgh (Rokefburg), la commune de.

Rokefburgh, perfone del Eglife de Chaftel de, Adam.

Rokefburgh, peftour de, Thomas le.

Roland (Rouland), Gilafcop fiz (del counte de Perth).

Roland, Gilbert fiz (del counte de Are).

Roland, Johan fiz (del counte de Are).

Ros, Andreas Godefridi de (Andreu le fiuz Godefrey de Ros).

Ros, Andreu fiz Godefrei de (del counte de Are).

Ros, Jacobus filius Godefridi de (fenior) ; (James le fiuz Godefrey de Ros, le efnee).

Ros, Jacobus filius Godeffidi de (junior); (James le fiuz Godefrey, le pufnee).

Ros, James de (del counte de Are).

Ros, Robert de (del counte de Are).

Ros, Wautier de (del counte de Are).

Ros, William de (del counte de Edeneburgh).

Rofky, Maucolum de (del counte de Perth).

Roffeneth, Elizabeth de (del counte de Aberden).

Roffy, Wautier de (burgois de Monros).

Rofthinnot, priour de, Robert (et le chanoines de mefme le lu, du comte de Forfare).

Rothenan, Sire William de (del counte de Edeneburgh).

Rothenayk (Rotheneck,Rotheneyk), Anegos de (deen de Morref, del counte de Elgyn).

Rothenayk, Willielmus de (William de Rothenayk).

Rothenayk, William de (del counte de Elgyn).

Rothenayk, Patrik de (tenaunt le Roi du counte de Perth).

Rotherford, Aymer de (del counte de Rokefburgh).

Rotherford, Margarete la fielle Nicol de (del counte de Berewyk).

Rotherford, Dominus Nicolaus de (miles); (Nicol de Rotherford, chiualer).

Rothefford, William de (perfone del Eglife de Lillefclyue).

Roule, Adam de (del counte de Rokefburgh).

Roule, perfone del Eglife de, Aleyn (del counte de Rokefburgh).

Roule, Thomas de (del counte de Rokefburgh).

Rouley, William de (del counte de Rokefburgh).

Rous, Duncan le (burgois de Hadington).

Rous, Gille Folan le (del counte de Striuelyn).

Rous, Morice le (burgois de Striuelin).

Rucaftel, William de (del counte de Rokefburgh).

Rugan, Adam fiz Matheu de (del counte de Lanark).

Rukelton, Adam de (del counte de Rokefburgh).

Ruffel, Robert (del counte de Berewyk).

Ruffy, Wautier de.

Rydel (Rydale), Hughe (tenant le Roi, du comte de Edeneburgh).

Rydel, Dominus Hugo (miles); (Hughe Rydel, chiualier).

Rydel, Huwe (del counte de Edeneburgh).

Rydel, William de (burgois de Ennerkethin).

Rydelowe, Henry de (del counte de Edeneburgh).

Rykeldon, Adam de (del counte de Rokefburgh).

Rymour, Johan (del counte de Berewyk).

Ryfton, Oliuer de (del counte de Berewyk).


Rakstra, Johannes (burgenfis Sancti Johannis de Perth).

Randolf, Dominus Thomas (miles).

Randolf, Thomas filius, (Thomas le fiz).

Ricardi, Johannes filius (burgenfis Sancti Johannis de Perth).

Ros (Rofs, Roffe), Willielmus, de (baro); (William de Rofs), (comes de Rofs), (William comte de Roffe).

Roffenfis epifcopus, Dominus Robertus.

Rotheiuan, Dominus Willielmus de.

Rotref, Dominus Adam de (miles).

Routhbyr, Johannes de (burgenfis de Berewico).

Ruffel, Robertus (burgenfis de Berewico).

Rydale, Philippus de (major ville de Berewico).

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In the 13th century 'f' was used to represent the letter 's' and that convention has been left in these names.

There is a mixture of Latin and French used for titles - Abbas-Abbot, baliuus=baillie, burgensis=citizen, comes=count, counte=county, Dominus=lord, epifcopus=church, frater=brother, magister=master, miles=knight, prioriffa=prioress. Also "vide" for "see".

Some counties and towns are also in an unfamiliar form: Aberdonenfis=Aberdeenshire, Anegos=Angus, Are=Ayrshire, Berewico=Berwickshire, Dunbretan=Dumbartonshire, Dunfres=Dumfries, Edeneburgh=Edinburgh, Fyf=Fife, Inuerneffe=Inverness, Kincardyn=Kincardineshire, Linlefcu-Linlithgow, Paffeleye=Paisley, Rokefburgh=Roxburghshire, Striuelin=Stirling, Wyggeton=Wigtownshire.

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