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This page is part of an index of the 2,000 nobles and clergy who signed the Ragman Rolls of 1296 (and 1291). See the link at the end of the page if you wish to go to sections relating to other letters of the alphabet or to find out more about the background to these documents.

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Galbrath de Kilbride, Douenal (del counte de Dunbretan).

Galbrath Arthur de (del counte de Wygeton).

Galfagy, Thomas (del counte de Are).

Galightly de Aberden, Henry (del counte de Aberden).

Garderobe, Aleyn de la (del counte de Edeneburgh).

Garderobe, Andreu de la (del counte de Rokefburgh).

Garderobe, Dauid de la (del counte de Fyf).

Gardin (Gardeyn, Gardino, Gardyn), Willelmus de (William de Gardyn).

Gardin William (del counte de Forfare)

Gardin William du (del counte de Edeneburgh).

Gardin, Umfrey du (del counte de Dunfres).

Garghill, Iwyn de (del counte de Striuelin).

Garthgeuerton, Thomas le fiz Mauclom de (del counte de Striuelin).

Garuan, vicaire del Eglife de, Johan.

Garuiagh (Garuyagh), Adam de (del counte de Edeneburgh).

Garuiagh (Garuyagh), Andreu de (del counte de Aberden).

Garuiagh (Garuyagh), Johan de (del counte de Aberden).

Garuiagh (Garuyagh), Dominus Johannes de (miles), (Johan de Garuiagh, chiualer).

Garuok, vicaire del Eglife de, William (del counte de Miernes).

Geffrey (Gieffrey), Pieres le fiz (burgois de Pebbles).

Geffrey (Gieffrey), Symund le fiz (burgois de Pebbles).

Geffrey (Gieffrey), William le fiz (burgois de Hadington).

Gelghagi, Thomas de (del counte de Are).

Gerlaund, Robert (del counte de Perth).

Geruald, Robert (del counte de Fyf).

Gerueyfe, William. fiz (del counte de Are).

Geuelefton, Johan de (del counte de Dunfres).

Gibelotefton, Adam de (del counte de Fyf).

Gibelotefton, Adam de (del counte de Edeneburgh).

Giffard, Huwe de (del counte de Berewyk).

Giffard, James (del counte de Berewyk).

Giffard, Johan (chiualier, del counte de Edeneburgh).

Gilberdeffone, Johan (del counte de Pebbles).

Gilbert, Douenald fiuz (del counte de Are).

Gilcrift, Kefchyn (del counte de Perth).

Gilcrift, Mac (tenaunt le Roi du counte, de Perth).

Gilcrifteffone, Patrik (del counte de Striuelyn).

Gilgirgefton, Rauf de (tenaunt le Roi du counte de Perth).

Gillehomedy, (del counte de Lanark).

Gillonby, Henry de (del counte de Dunfres).

Glan, Johan del (del counte de Lanark).

Glafcu (Glafcou), vicaire de, Aleyn_ (del counte de Lanark).

Glafcuenfis epifcopus, Robertus (Robert euefk de Glafgu).

Glafford, Rogier de (del counte de Lanark).

Glaffreth, Aleyn de (del counte de Lanark).

Glafrithe, Aleyn fiz Rogier de (del counte de Lanark).

Gledeftan, Herbert de (del counte de Lanark).

Glendeghrad (Glendughred, Glyndoghred), Malcolum de (del counte de Perth).

Glendeghrad, Maucolum de (tenaunt le Roi du counte de Perth).

Glendeghrad, Patrik de (del counte de Perth).

Glengeuel (Glangeuel), Marie de (del counte de Lanark).

Glenkerny Dominus Gilbertus de (miles); (Gilberd de Glenkerny, chiualier).

Glenkerny, Sire Gilbert de (del counte de Elgyn).

Glennefk. (Glennyfk), Johan de (del counte de Forfare).

Glennefk, Dominus Johannes de (miles), (Johan de Glennelk, chiualer).

Glennefk, Morgund de (del counte de Forfare).

Glenwhym, Efteuene de (del counte de Pebbles).

Glover, Symon le (burgois de Seint Johan de Perth).

Glymcarny, Gilberd de (del counte de Inuernys).

Gobynfekegh, William, de (del counte de Are).

Godeflyme, William (del counte do Berewyk).

Gold, Adam (baillif de Monros).

Goldingham, Edith de (del counte do Berewyk).

Golyn, Mariot de (del counte de Edeneburgh).

Gofcelyn, William (del counte de Selkyrk).

Gofeford, Meftre William de (perfone de Caftelmilke, del counte de Dunfres).

Gotherikfone, Dougal (del counte de Wygeton).

Gothrik, Dougal fiz (del counte de Dunfres).

Gourlay (Gourley, Gurle, Gurlegh, Gurleye) de Bagally, William de (del counte de Forfare).

Gourlay, Adam de (del counte de Rokefburgh).

Gourlay, Huwe de (del counte de Edeneburgh).

Gourlay, Johan (del counte de Berewyk).

Gourlay, Matheu de (del counte de Edeneburgh).

Gourlay, Patrik de (perfone del Eglife de Loghorward, del counte de Edeneburgh).

Gourlay, Rogier (del counte do Edeneburgh).

Gourlay, William de (del counte de Edeneburgh).

Graham, Anable qe fu la femme Patrik de (del counte de Perth).

Graham, Henry de (del counte de Dunfres).

Graham, Johan de (del counte de Edeneburgh).

Graham, Mariorie de (del counte de Perth).

Graham, Sire Nicol de (del counte de Linlefcu).

Graham, Pieres de (del counte de Dunfres).

Graham, Pieres de (del counte de Edeneburgh).

Graunge, Robert de la (del counte de Rokefburgh).

Graunt, Robert de (del counte de Fyf).

Gregyns, Dugald.

Grene, Rogier del (del counte do Rokefburg).

Greneheued, Criftiane de (del counte do Selkirk).

Grenerig, William del (del counte de Lanark).

Grenlawe, Matheu de (fiz William de Grenlawe, del counte de Berewyk).

Grenlawe, William de (del counte de Edeneburgh).

Grenok, Hugh de (del counte de Lanark).

Gretheued, Johan le fiz Wautier (burgois de Pebbles).

Greue (Greyue) de Haytone, Johan (del counte de Berewyk).

Greue (Greyue) Johan le (del counte de Berewyk).

Grey, Henry (del counte do Fyf).

Grey, Huwe (del counte de Berewyk).

Greydon, Wautier de (del counte de Berewyk).

Greyly, Johan de (chiualier, del counte de Aberden).

Grimbald (Grimbaud), Adam fiz (tenant le Roi du counte de Are).

Grimbald (Grimbaud), Robert (del counte de Berewyk).

Grimmeflawe, Johan de (del counte de Rokefburgh).

Grithman, Johan (del counte de Berewyk).

Grundi de Neicton, Robert (del counte do Rokefburgh).

Gummefton, Wautier fiz Wautier de (del counte de Dunfres).

Gurdon, Dominus Adam (miles), (Adam Gurdoun, chiualer).

Gurdon, Adam (del counte de Striuelyn).

Gurney, Aleyn (del counte do Rokefburgh).

Gyle, Patrik del (del counte de Pebbles).

Gynnere, Anneys la (del counte de Berewyk).


Galightly, Patricius (burgenfis Sancti Johannis de Perth).

Gaunter [Glovere], Symon (burgenfis Sancti Johannis de Perth).

Gibbe, Ricardus (burgenfis de Berewico).

Glafguenfis epifcopus, Robertus (cuftos regni), (Robert de Glafcu euefqe).

Gofewyk, Walterus de (burgenfis de Berewico).

Graham, Dominus Dauid de (miles).

Graham, Dominus Patricius de (miles), (Patrik de Graham).

Grendon, Willielmus de (burgenfis de Berewico).

Gretheued [Grofetefte], Adam (burgenfis de Berewico).

Gretheued, Willielmus (burgenfis de Berewico).

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In the 13th century 'f' was used to represent the letter 's' and that convention has been left in these names.

There is a mixture of Latin and French used for titles - Abbas-Abbot, baliuus=baillie, burgensis=citizen, comes=count, counte=county, Dominus=lord, epifcopus=church, frater=brother, magister=master, miles=knight, prioriffa=prioress. Also "vide" for "see".

Some counties and towns are also in an unfamiliar form: Aberdonenfis=Aberdeenshire, Anegos=Angus, Are=Ayrshire, Berewico=Berwickshire, Dunbretan=Dumbartonshire, Dunfres=Dumfries, Edeneburgh=Edinburgh, Fyf=Fife, Inuerneffe=Inverness, Kincardyn=Kincardineshire, Linlefcu-Linlithgow, Paffeleye=Paisley, Rokefburgh=Roxburghshire, Striuelin=Stirling, Wyggeton=Wigtownshire.

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