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This page is part of an index of the 2,000 nobles and clergy who signed the Ragman Rolls of 1296 (and 1291). See the link at the end of the page if you wish to go to sections relating to other letters of the alphabet or to find out more about the background to these documents.

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Abberdash, Alifaundre de (del counte de Kincardyn in Miernes).

Abercromby (Abercrunby), Johan de (del counte de Fyf).

Abercromby (Abercrunby), William de (del counte de Fyf).

Aberden (Abirden, Abreden), chanoigne de, Fergus (del counte de Abirden).

Aberden (Abirden, Abreden), miniftre del ordre de la Trinite de, Frere Huwe (del counte de Aberden).

Aberdenenfis (Aberdonenfis, Abredenenfis), burgenfes et communitas ciuitatis, (les burgoys e la cornmunaute de la ville de Abreden).

Aberdenenfis (Aberdonenfis, Abredenenfis), epifcopus. Dominus Henricus (Henry euefqe de Abreden).

Abergaldyn, Vide Dabergaldyn.

Aberkerthor, Johan de (del counte de Banf).

Abernyd, Phelipp de (tenant le Roi du counte de Linlefcu).

Abernythyn, Vide Abirnethy.

Abirbrothok, abbas de, Frater Henricus (et conuentus ejufdem loci); (Henri abbe de Abirbrothok, et le couent de mefme le lieu).

Abirnethy (Abrenethy, Abernythyn), Dorminus Alexander de (miles) ; (Alifaundre de Abrenethy).

Abirnethy (Abrenethy, Abernythyn), Alifaundre de (del counte de Perth).

Abirnethy (Abrenethy, Abernythyn), Margarete qe fu la femme William de (del counte de Berewyk).

Abirnethy (Abrenethy, Abernythyn), Phelipp de (burgoys de Linlefcu).

Abirnethy (Abrenethy, Abernythyn), William de (tenaunt le Roi du counte de Berewyk).

Achtheleg, Nicol de (del counte de Are).

Adam, Johan fiz (burgois de Monros).

Adamfone de Ouerayton, Johan (del counte de Berewyk).

Adamfone de Ouerayton, Johan (del counte de Ber6wyk).

Agdokefton, Johan de (tenant le Roi du cornte de Edeneburgh).

Aghenros, Anegos de.

Aghlek, Patrik de (del counte de Lanark).

Akeman, Alifaundre (del counte de Lanark).

Akenheued, Gilbert del (del counte de Lanark).

Aldcambus, le vicaire del Eglife de, Huwe (del counte de Berewyk).

Aldham, perfone del Eglife de, William (del counte de Edeneburgh).

Aleyn, Brian fiz chiualier.

Aleyn, Johan fiz (burgois de Monros).

Alight, William (burgois de Seint Johan de Perth).

Aliffone, Patrik (del counte de Berewyk).

Almere (Aylmer), Emme de (del counte de Selkirk).

Almere (Aylmer), Rogier de (del counte de Selghkyrk).

Alnewyk, abbe de, Aleyn (del counte de Berewyk).

Alpinfon de Aughtulus, Dunkan (del counte de Dunbretan).

Alpyn, Monagh fiz (del counte de Perth).

Anaund, William de (del counte de Forfare).

Andreu, Dauid le fiz (burgois de Pebbles).

Andreu, Duncan fiz (del counte de Dunfres).

Anecol, Donald le fiz (del counte de Dunbretan).

Anegos, Eue de (del counte de Forfare).

Anefleye de Crucfut, Johan de (del counte de Lanark).

Anefleye, Johan le fiz Johan de (del counte de Rokefburgh).

Annekombe, Johan de (del counte de Rokefburgh).

Annethe, Gilbert de (del counte de Wyggeton).

Apelton, William de (del counte de Pebbles).

Araz, Johan de (del counte de Pebbles).

Archer, Patrik le (tenant le Roi du counte de Are).

Arde, William fiz Steuene de (del counte de Inuerneffe).

Ardebechey, Lorn de (del counte de Perth).

Ardros, Ele de (del counte de Fyf).

Ardroffan, Godefrey (del counte de Are).

Ardroffan, Godefridus de (Godefray de Ardroffan).

Ardwykefton, Adam de (del counte de Lanark).

Argoyl, Vide Ergayl.

Arnald, Richard (del counte de Linlefcu).

Arnald, William le fiz (tenant le Roi du counte de Linlefcu).

Arncappel, Morice de (del counte de Dunbretan).

Arnot, Dauid (del counte de Fyf).

Arrat, Johan de (del counte de Anegos).

Arthurfhull, Henry de (del counte de Lanark).

Afkeby, Robert de (del counte de Berewyk).

Afkelot, Hectur (del counte de Wygeton).

Afkolo, Fergus (del counte de Wyggeton).

Atteboche de Berewyk, Criftiane.

Auelyn, Alun le fiz (del counte de Dunbretan).

Auelyn, Dunkan fiz (cheualier, del counte de Dunbretan).

Auenel, William (del counte de Edeneburgh).

Aumbler, Wautier le (del counte de Rokefburgh).

Ayer de Caludon, Huwe (del counte de Edeneburgh).

Aylmer, Vide Almere.

Aynefton, Symon de (del counte de Lanark).

Ayneftrothere, Henry de (del counte de Fyf).

Ayr de Ayton, Johan (del counte de Berewyk).

Ayton, Henry de (burgois de Hadington).


Aberon, Johannes de (burgenfis de Berewico).

Aberdonenfis epifcopus, Dominus Henricus.

Abirbrothok, abbas de, Henricus.

Abrenithy, Dominus Alexander de (miles).

Alureton, Robertus de (burgenfis Sancti Johannis de Perth).

Anegos, comes de, Gilbertus, (Gilbert counte de Anegos). See Unifrauuille, Gilbertus de.

Anker, Johannes (burgenfis Sancti Johannis de Perth).

Anftrether, Dominus Henricus de (miles).

Ardern, Dominus Alexander de (miles).

Athetle [Atholis], Adam de (burgenfis Sancti Johannis de Perth).

Atholie comes, Johannes [Johan comte de Atheles].

Aurifaber, Henricus (burgenfis de Berewico).

Aurifaber, Jacobus (burgenfis dc Berewico).

Aurifaber, Willielmus (burgenfis Sancti de Perth).

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In the 13th century 'f' was used to represent the letter 's' and that convention has been left in these names.

There is a mixture of Latin and French used for titles - Abbas-Abbot, baliuus=baillie, burgensis=citizen, comes=count, counte=county, Dominus=lord, epifcopus=church, frater=brother, magister=master, miles=knight, prioriffa=prioress. Also "vide" for "see".

Some counties and towns are also in an unfamiliar form: Aberdonenfis=Aberdeenshire, Anegos=Angus, Are=Ayrshire, Berewico=Berwickshire, Dunbretan=Dumbartonshire, Dunfres=Dumfries, Edeneburgh=Edinburgh, Fyf=Fife, Inuerneffe=Inverness, Kincardyn=Kincardineshire, Linlefcu-Linlithgow, Paffeleye=Paisley, Rokefburgh=Roxburghshire, Striuelin=Stirling, Wyggeton=Wigtownshire.

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