Scottish Poetry Selection
- My Portrait Gallery

Here is Walter Wingate in thoughful mood, recalling the faces of departed friends.

My Portrait Gallery

I have a portrait chamber,
    Where never a guest is shown;
But sometimes, of a quiet night,
With memory for my taper light,
    I visit it alone.

And as I pause before them,
    And as a pass them by,
The faces shrined upon the walls
Are lighted where the flicker falls.
    And into darkness die.

And some absorb me longer,
    On some I linger less;
They are the faces of my dead;
But over every face is shed
    The strangest happiness.

They never once rebuke me
    For visits over rare;
The recognitions in their eyes
From frankest kindliness arise,
    Without a cloud of care.

And no regret nor yearning
    In any face I see;
Their smile is like a soft caress
To soothe away the wistfulness
    The vision wakes in me.

Bereavement once was sorrow;
    To after years is given,
Recalling faces loved and fled,
To see them as the happy dead,
    Illumed with light from Heaven.

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