Scottish Poetry Selection
- The Peerie

Showing a child how a new toy works does not always go as well as planned.

The Peerie

I've had an unco downcome
That's left me wae and weary:
I'm no sae young's I ance hae been:
The awsome truth I proved yestreen -
I bocht my bairn a peerie.

The spunk o' youth within me
Has keepit aye its leerie.
What odds, quo I, if grey or bel',
A man's as young's he thinks himsel':
But deevil tak' that peerie!

I got the cord to roiot wi -
And syne begoud the queery,
If pin or neb was whaur ye start:
There's deeps o' unsuspected art
In spinnin' o' a peerie!

At last I fan' the knack ot':
And queer it was and eerie
To feel my fingers in a whup
Reca' the lang-forgotten grup -
The secret o' the peerie!

But och-och-och! Ye younglin's,
That aft hae fan' me cheery,
Awa - play wi' your equals noo:
It's reverend eild's my only cue -
I canna spin a peerie!

Meaning of unusual words:
peerie=spinning top
unco downcome=unusually downcast

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