Scottish Poetry Selection

Walter Wingate was a painter as well as a poet and in this poem he paints a picture in words which gives a vivid impression of the scene.

A Misty Dawn

The air is moist with thaw;
And where with patient moil
The teams their furrows draw,
A following halo crowns their warmth of toil.

The alders where they rim
The half-awakened stream,
Are vapour swathed and dim,
Like morning sleepers trammelled yet with dream.

The autumn hues are flown:
The landscape waits the day
Subdued to monotone:
A pencil sketch upon a ground of grey.

But where the morning shows
Beyond the eastern pale,
The mist is warmed with rose-
Faint as a blush behind a bridal veil.

The erubescence dies:
The world is grey again:
And through the alders sighs
A quiet fall of soft November rain.

Meaning of unusual words:
alder=a tree related to the birch

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