Scottish Poetry Selection
- A Hedonist

These days, a hedonist is often regarded as someone who takes pleasures to excess. But this poem by Walter Wingate makes hedonism seem respectable!

A Hedonist

No mission I profess;
But fast myself immure
From clamours of distress,
From rumours of the poor.
For why should I becloud my sky
With grief I cannot cure?
To me the world is sweet;
And morn and eve and noon
A jocund measure beat
To Nature's ancient rune
Nor flower nor bird is April stirred
But finds my heart in tune.
Should I in Heaven's despite,
My happiness give o'er,
Abjuring all delight,
On sorrow's page to pore,
Not less would grow the world's woe,
With one sad heart the more.

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