Scottish Poetry Selection
- From Above The Fog

Although the city is not named in this poem, it is easy to imagine Walter Wingate standing somewhere like snow covered Cathkin Braes, looking down on the city of Glasgow which would often be shrouded in fog in the early part of the 20th century - unlike now, after the passing of the "Clean Air Act" and the demise of both heavy industry and coal fires.

From Above The Fog

A world of stainless white below,
     A dome of cloudless blue above,
Around me here accept the snow
     As kindly winter's gift of love.

But under yonder bank of grey
     A city buried from my sight
Looks eastward vainly for the day,
     Huddled in self-created night.

So simple hearts that dwell content
     Upon the heights of peace will know
That winter frosts are only sent
     To give the stars a clearer glow.

But in the restless valleys they
     Whose all to worldliness is given
Are weaving for their winter day
     A darkness 'twixt themselves and Heaven.

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