Scottish Poetry Selection
- Escaped

Walter Wingate illustrates that clearly when inspiration strikes, it is important to follow it up immediately!


Home, and glowing from the walk,
     Round the parlour I and they
Chased the dragonflies of talk
     Side to side from grave to gay.

When a whim of curious thought,
     Quaintly blent of new and old,
In my fancy's mesh was caught,
     And I left it there untold.

"This," said I, "will be the theme
     Tonight will muse upon,
In the hour of waking dream
     When the talkers all are gone."

Came the hour: and in and out-
     I and fancy all alone
'Mong the meshes vainly sought:
     And our little thought was flown.

So we found the proverb true-
     "He that will not when he may,
Whether maid or muse he woo,
     When he will he shall have nay."

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