Scottish Poetry Selection
- Epitaph

This Walter Wingate poem was also published as, "Covenanter and Trooper" by The Glasgow Ballad Club.


Out among the lonely mosses,
Where the curlew overhead,
Restless spirit, wheels and tosses,
Lies a covenanter, dead.

Out among the lonely mosses,
Where the plover haunts the spring,
Where the summer cannach tosses,
Died a trooper for his king.

Clasped in hate they sleep for ever,
Each the slayer, each the slain;
None their mingled dust may sever,
None their wedlock part in twain.

Be their one memorial worded:
"Here a noble deed was done;
Here two spirits, duty-sworded,
Fought the fear of death, and won."

"Here, when worth and worthless sunder,
They will waken side by side,
And embraced in love and wonder,
Learn at last the Heaven is wide."

Meaning of unusual words:
Cannach=cotton grass

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