Scottish Place Names
- Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

For comparability with other cities around the world, Saint John has been defined as the urban area extending from Westfield in the north-west to the Loch Lomond area and Cape Spencer in the east and from Musquash in the south-west to Nauwigwauk in the north-east. Of the names of the 126 towns and neighbourhoods that have been identified to date in Greater Saint John, 32 (25.4%) can be found as place names in Scotland, or are based on Scottish family names and royal titles, or have some other form of connection with Scotland. Of course, some of these names are used in other parts of the British Isles as well, but at least 15 of them (11.9%) appear to have a unique connection with Scotland, whether directly or indirectly.

The picture on the right is of St. John New Brunswick Town Square in 2008. Picture via WikiMedia.

Communities and neighbourhoods with names that occur only in Scotland and not elsewhere in the British Isles, and/or are definitely, or most probably, of Scottish origin are:
Baxter Tartan

Some of the following localities may also prove on further investigation to have a link with Scotland. However, these names are also associated with other parts of the British Isles and there is nothing intrinsically 'Scottish' about any of them:

A final category of suburban and neighbourhood names comprises places that can be found in Scotland but which, in Saint John's case, definitely or most probably have no Scottish connection.

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