Scottish Place Names
- Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

For comparability with other cities around the world, Hobart has been defined as the urban and semi-urban area extending from Brighton in the north to Margate, South Arm and Clifton Beach in the south and from Collinsvale and Fern Tree in the west to the airport and Seven Mile Beach in the east. Of the names of the 98 municipalities, suburbs and neighbourhoods in the Greater Hobart area, 26 (26.5%) can be found in Scotland, are based on Scottish family names or have some other connection with Scotland. Some of the names are used in other parts of the British Isles as well, but at least 12 them (12.2%) are unique to Scotland or are readily identifiable with places in Scotland that are based on the same names.

Official suburbs and other localities with names that occur only in Scotland and not elsewhere in the British Isles, and/or are definitely or most probably of Scottish origin are:

It is possible that some of the following suburbs and neighbourhoods could also have a direct or indirect Scottish connection, but these names can be found in other parts of the British Isles as well:

A final category of suburban names comprises places that can be found in Scotland but which, in Hobart's case, definitely or most probably have no connection with Scotland.

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