Parliamo Scots?
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Now we've got some words about the "bairns".

Now we're going to play some children's games...

This time, we're going to "learn the scuil"

While the word "Dominie" (schoolmaster) is not often used these days, there is still often a "Rector" (head teacher in a secondary school). Since the 1960s there is no longer a "Quallie" or qualifying exam at the end of the "wee scuil" ("primary" school, ages 5 to 11) to decide which type of "secondary" school the pupil was to go to. At the end of the fourth year of secondary education pupils gain "Standard Grade" certificates and many will go on to study for the "Highers" (short for "Higher Leaving Certificate"). Not everyone will be "Dux" (best pupil in the school in the final year) and indeed some may "plug the scuil" (play truant) despite the efforts of the "whipper-in" (school attendance officer). Errant pupils no longer "get the belt" since "the strap" or "tawse" (leather straps with thongs, struck across the hands of pupils as punishment) are no longer allowed - much to the disappointment of the people of Lochgelly in Fife where most of the best "straps" were made. So punishments these days are restricted to "punnie eccies" (punishment exercises) and "keepie-in" (kept in school after normal clases).

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