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Bagpipes went from and to the Mull of Kintyre

Calum Mckillop

The global piping community got into gear to select a suitable youngster who could benefit from using the pipes of the late Archie McGeachy (pictured here on the right).

Mr McGeachy was a champion Scottish piper who played at the Queen's Coronation in 1953 when he was 21. In the mid 1960s he emigrated to North America and eventually settled in Ontario, where he set up a pipe band which he named Kintyre.

After his death in November his family pondered what to do with his bagpipes which were top of the of the range Henderson pipes and contacted Bob Worrall, one of Canada's most respected pipers. He suggested that the pipes should return to Mr McGeachy's home town of Campbeltown.

The end result is that Calum McKillop, a 14 year old member of the 3A Kintyre Schools Pipe Band, is now the proud owner of the renovated set of bagpipes.

Karen Speakes, Mr McGeachy's daughter, said: "My dad always said to us he never wanted the pipes to sit in their box and collect dust.

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February 2017

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