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Baby Boxes Rolled Out

Baby Box (graphic via Scottish Government)

1 January was 'Baby Box Day' in parts of Scotland with baby boxes being dished out by Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland's First Minister, in a photo-opportunity friendly environment to some mothers of newly borns. The graphic of the First Minister meeting midwives, new mothers and expectant mothers at the launch of the pilot scheme is courtesy of the Scottish Government.

The boxes, which have a variety of useful baby items, are based on a project that has been running in Finland since 1938 aiming to give all children an "equal start".

All newborn children in Scotland will receive the boxes by the summer following a three-month pilot in Clackmannanshire and Orkney. The Scottish government scheme will cost an estimated £6m per year.

The boxes contain about 40 different items including a play mat, a changing mat, a digital thermometer, a fleece jacket, several babygrows, a hooded bath towel, a reusable nappy and liners, a baby book and an organic sponge. The box also contains cot sheets, a mattress and a blanket, making it suitable for a baby to sleep in.

The project is controversial with people pointing out that the boxes will go to families who might be pretty affluent as well as those who are needy.

The poem, 'Welcome Wee One' by Jackie Kay also provoked quite a lot of negative comment. Some people thought that the feelgood tone would go down very badly with mothers who might be sore and suffering post natal depression. Others objected to the use of the Scots language which differs hugely from Aberdeenshire to the Borders and Central Belt.

Welcome Wee One
Jackie Kay

O ma darlin wee one
At last you are here in the wurld
And wi' aa your wisdom
Your een bricht as the stars,
You've filled this hoose with licht,
Yer trusty wee haun, your globe o' a heid,
My cherished yin, my hert's ain!

O my darlin wee one
The hale wurld welcomes ye:
The mune glowes; the hearth wairms.
Let your life hae luck, health, charm,
Ye are my bonny blessed bairn,
My small miraculous gift.
I never kent luve like this.

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February 2017

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