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Millions of Disappearing Drams

River Ayr at Catrine, Ayrshire
© Rosser1954 via Wikimedia Commons

Whisky worth £1 million flooded into the ground after a major leak at a distillery.

About 60,000 litres disappeared from the Loch Lomond Distillers warehouse in Catrine, Ayrshire, because of an unnoticed leak in one of the company's giant vats. The loss which is the equivalent of 85,000 bottles led to an investigation by safety and environment experts. They found that most of the whisky drained into the ground, while the rest went into the local River Ayr.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (Sepa) carried out an inquiry into the leak amid fears that it was a potential danger to the public.

A Sepa spokesman said: "An investigation was carried out at the Loch Lomond Group bonded warehouse in Catrine, following a discharge of whisky from the facility. It's understood that due to a leak inside the building, a significant quantity of whisky managed to escape through the floor of the warehouse (graphic of warehouse is © Bob Forrest via Wikimedia Commons.

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February 2017

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