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Pittodrie (Aberdeen) Pies

Aberdeen's famous Pittodrie Pie has become the first match day snack to get its own trademark. The club applied to the Intellectual Property Office in London to protect the name of the fans' favourite half-time bite.

Last year the club changed supplier and the Pittodrie side wanted to make sure they can always use the name - regardless of who makes the pies. An Aberdeen Football Club spokesman today confirmed the name had been successfully trademarked.

At a home game the club can sell up to 12,000 pies, supplied by Thains, a local firm.

Continuing the pie theme, Brownings from Kilmarnock, have been crowned the world Scotch pie champion after beating off hundreds of other entrants. Brownings were presented with the prestigious gong by TV star Carol Smillie.

John Gall, the owner of Brownings, said: "We won, I am almost speechless. To have been given the ultimate accolade today and to be able to call our pie the world champion as judged by a panel of experts is just excellent. This award is proof of what I have known for a long time - that the Brownings team is the best in the land."

Last year Mr Gall got in a heated dispute with the boss of Kilmarnock Football Club about the use of the term 'Killie Pie' which was subsequently renamed the Kilmarnock Pie

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February 2017

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