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Queensferry Crossing Moving Closer to Completion

Queensferry Crossing and the Other Forth Bridges

The new £1.35bn road bridge across the river Forth will now open in May 2017, six months later than originally planned. Named the "Queensferry Crossing" it had been originally scheduled to be completed by December. The delay had been caused by "adverse weather conditions" particularly in April and May when there had been lengthy periods of high winds. This bad weather had "exceeded expectations" and resulted in an increase in the number of days lost to the weather, using up the time contractors had put aside for contingencies.

Recent reports, however, show that all three of its towers and decks have been lifted into place closing the remaining gap of about 50 metres (the equivalent of an Olympic-sized swimming pool) and work on the final stage is set for January.

Scottish Government Economy Secretary Keith Brown said: "Connecting all three of the Queensferry Crossing towers, from Fife right over to the south deck fan is another example of the good progress being made on the project. Despite the huge size and weight of the units being lifted, lifting them into place is a very precise operation. This is truly world class engineering taking place to bridge the Firth of Forth for the third time in consecutive centuries.

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November 2016

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