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CairnGorm Phone Box's Connection Intact

Two Skiers in Powdered Snow, Cairngorm Ski Slope

A campaign to save the UK's highest telephone box have been successful

The traditional red box at the skiing base station on CairnGorm is at 2,150ft (655m) in a popular area that has some of the country's strongest winds and lowest temperatures. The graphic on the left shows Cairngorm Base Station in Summer.

Workers on the mountain were shocked to discover the plan to remove the phone only when a ranger entered the box and saw a note from BT saying it was to be scrapped.

The move prompted a campaign to keep it on safety grounds. Mobile reception can be poor and hill walkers claim the presence of the phone box could be the difference between life and death.

The box, located above the ski resort's Coire Cas car park, has become a tourist attraction. The campaign to save it comes weeks after BT announced it would be removing thousands of telephone boxes from across Scotland.

About 700 of the boxes, which cost more than 300 each to maintain annually, were not used to make a single call last year.

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October 2016

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