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The Buchan Observer touched a nerve with its headline: "Aberdeenshire business owner wins presidential election". Within hours media throughout the world had picked up on the reference to Trump's ownership of a golf and housing complex on the Menie Estate at Balmedie on the coast of Aberdeenshire. (Graphic on the right is © Sagaciousphil via Wikimedia Commons.

The quality of the golf course has been admired (the graphic shows the coastal Menie Estate before the golf course arrived. But the owner's aggressive actions towards neighbouring homeowners who refused to sell up has been controversial. Several locals have had their electricity and water severed by repeated 'accidents' and their views destroyed by Trump planting trees and erecting large earth mounds.

"Ten years ago, as soon as I spoke to him, I went off Trump right away," said Michael Forbes, who lives with Sheila, his wife, and next door to Molly his 92-year-old mother. "All he talked about was money and himself. He's been the neighbour from hell."

However the Trump club - Trump Internationals Golf Links - claims to have been flooded with membership applications since his win over Hillary Clinton. Trump also owns "Trump Turnberry Resort" which includes the championship golf course on the Ayrshire coast. The graphic here shows Ailsa Craig from Turnberry golf course.

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November 2016

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