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Dennis the Menace Gets Digitised

Dennis the Menace on a UK Postage Stamp

Dundee, once the city renowned for jute, jam and journalism, might have taken a bashing over the years but the firm of D C Thomson, publisher of the Sunday Post, continues to thrive.

Its latest wheeze is to create the first digital stream of characters form the Beano on YouTube. That leads to "The Ultimate Feed of Awesome" featuring a treasure trove of video and information relating to the dreadful Dennis the Menace and a preview of a new CGI TV series, Dennis and Gnasher Unleashed, coming to CBBC in 2017.

A spokesman said it would have a "rebellious, irreverent Beano spirit" building on the comic's roots.

The head of Beano Studios, Emma Scott, said: "We've spent the last three months blue sky thinking in a thought shower, touching base, singing from the same hymn sheet and pushing the envelope until we realised that was boring nonsense, and we just needed really funny stuff."

The Beano features Dennis and his dog Gnasher, the Bash Street Kids and Billy Whizz, and back in the 1950s had a peak circulation of more than 1.9 million, although it currently sells about 31,000 copies per week.

The Beano has been on the go since 1938 and has recently been redesigned.

Last year a copy of the first edition of the Beano was sold at auction for £17,000.

Some years ago Dennis was featured on a set of UK postage stamps (see graphics).

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October 2016

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