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Tillypronie - Scotland's Priciest Property

Anyone with about £10 million to spare could do worse than popping up to Aberdeenshire to look over Tillypronie.

The estate comprises 12,000 acres and an 11-bedroom home was built for Sir John Clark, a diplomat who was the son of Queen Victoria's physician.

Guests in the Victorian era included the American writer Henry James, was enchanted and called it "this supremely comfortable house - lying deep among the brown and purple moors, the glorious view of sweeping hills and gleaming lochs that lies forever before the windows".

Since 1951, it has been the residence of the Astor family, one of Britain's most aristocratic dynasties. It was inherited in 1984 by Philip Astor, who is the younger son of the second Baron Astor of Hever.

A spokesman for the selling agents said: "The style, setting and outlook of Tillypronie House is like no other in Scotland....Nestled discreetly in the hills above the Howe of Cromar, the panoramic views across Deeside are inspirational at all times of year."

If you fancy this attractive retreat though, you had better move fast - it is rumoured that ex-UK prime Minister David Cameron is interested! You can download a PDF brochure from the estate agent's Web site via Tillypronie

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August 2016

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