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Scotland's Population Reaches New Heights

The number of people living in Scotland reached a new record level last year, new figures have revealed. The population topped 5,373,000 in June last year, an increase of 25,000 on 2014, according to National Records of Scotland. Historically Scotland's population reached a peak of 5,240,800 in 1974 and then went into a steady decline

Although the number of births fell, the population was boosted by the highest net migration since 2011. In the year to mid-2015, 85,000 people came to Scotland, while 57,000 left, a net gain of 28,000.

The majority of those coming to Scotland - about 47,000 people - were from the rest of the UK, with another 37,800 coming from overseas. Just under 38,000 left Scotland for the rest of the UK, though 18,200 went overseas.

The figures also show that there are 76,000 people from Poland resident in Scotland which exceeded the 36,000 immigrants from India, 20,000 from the Republic of Ireland and 18,000 from USA.

In 1991 the population was 5,083,000 barely up from the 1939 figure. For years Scotland 's population has languished at around 5 million and the future of future immigration has been made uncertain by the Brexit vote.

Tim Ellis, registrar general of Scotland, said "It's noticeable that, even in a low-migration scenario, the population is expected to be very slightly bigger in 2039 than it is now."

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August 2016

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