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Young Entrepreneur Taking a Pop at Unhealthy Snacks

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Congratulations to Sydney Chasin who won top prize Scottish Institute for Enterprise (SIE) Awards in Glasgow as part of the organisation's annual Fresh Ideas competition.

Sydney, who has developed her own healthy snack alternative to popcorn which uses sorghum, was one of five young entrepreneurs out of nearly 400 applicants to win the prize after coming out on top in an extensive application and pitching process. Four other entrepreneurs also won awards of 250 each.

Her product - Lil' Pop - is a healthy snack that uses a crop called sorghum to produce an alternative to popcorn. Sydney's company - Healthy Snack Food Company - is working to bring Lil' Pop to market.

Sydney added: "At the moment I'm completed focused on scaling up production of my product so that I can begin to introduce it to a commercial market. I've been talking to manufacturers and grain suppliers from all over the world; this is really the exciting stage when I will really get to see my dream become a reality."

See also Sydney's Website.

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8 April 2017

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