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Chance to Observe Black Grouse Spring Display

Black Grouse at a Lek © Billy Lindblom via Wikimedia Commons

The annual "lek" for Black Grouse, when the males strut their stuff to show off to females prior to mating, seems like a spectacular event. This year the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds is running lek viewing events near Schiehallion (illustrated on the right) to offer people the chance to see these magnificent birds.

Lauren Shannon, RSPB Scotland Community Engagement Officer said: "Watching a black grouse lek is a must see wildlife experience - with extravagant displays and competitive sparring amid bubbling calls that carry across the hill. Graphic here of male and female Black Grouse via Wikimedia Commons.

These partnership events are a great chance to see this impressive lekking display and learn more about it."

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8 April 2017

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