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Golden Eagles Lift 1.3 million

Golden Eagle

The numbers of golden eagles in Scotland is set to take off after the award of 1.3 million of lottery funding.

There are over 500 pairs of golden eagles in Scotland but mainly in the Highlands and Islands, and in the Western Isles numbers have been expanding for several years. But there are only two to four pairs of golden eagles in the south of Scotland but a study has shown there is suitable habitat for more than that. Many areas which have had eagles in the past have remained unoccupied for many years. (The golden eagle was exterminated in England and Wales by 1850).

Mark Oddy, chairman of the South of Scotland Golden Eagle Project, said: "Golden eagles are arguably Scotland's most iconic species and this programme will ensure more of us can see these magnificent birds across the south of Scotland's skies.

Scottish Folk Singer Moira Kerr up close to a Golden Eagle as publicity for a BBC TV series "Where Eagles Fly".

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8 April 2017

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