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New Avengers Movie Hits Edinburgh

The centre of Edinburgh provided the backdrop for scenes in the next Avengers film in March. An army of film production experts managed to transform the cobbled streets into a film set which takes place over a six week period. Filming based on the Marvel Comics franchise took place in Cockburn Street, the Royal Mile and Waverley Station (with areas cordoned off so that passengers are not too inconvenienced).

With an ultimate blend of heroism and humour the Avengers - a supergroup of superheroes - will bring the trademark battle for truth and justice to the heart of Edinburgh. It is estimated that the six weeks of filming in Scotland's capital will generate more than £10 million for the local economy. More than 400 people will be involved in the local project.

The film will star Robert Downey Jr (playing Iron Man). Chris Pratt, Tom Holland and Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow) and has a budget of £400 million. (Graphic of Scarlettt Johansson via Wikimedia Commons and picture of Robert Downey Jnr © Edgar Meritano via Wikimedia Commons)

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8 April 2017

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