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Kites To Fly High Over Electric Scotland?

A kite power developer plans to move its operations to Scotland after being granted permission to trial its technology on a military range near Stranraer.

Kite Power Solutions has invested nearly £4 million in creating its system and has been generating power from its current 40 kilowatt demonstration kit for several years.

Kites are tethered to spool drums and pull cables which turn drums to create electricity. The company now wants to build a bigger working model, generating 500 kilowatts, with a view to offering it for commercial sale towards the end of the decade.

The development is to take place in Dumfries and Galloway after the council granted permission for testing to start at West Freugh near Stranraer. Initially up to 19 staff will be based in Scotland. Testing is due to start next spring.

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July 2016

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