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Trump at Turnberry

Ailsa Craig from Turnberry

As he opened a second course at the famous golf resort, Eric Trump modestly declared that his family had "made Turnberry great again". Now named "Trump Turnberry" the original championship golf course was commissioned by the Marquess of Ailsa in 1902 and a hotel was built soon after to cater for the wealthy golfers who played there. After Wold War II the two courses were named "Ailsa" and "Arran", two islands visible from the golf courses in the adjacent Firth of Clyde (as is the volcanic plug of Ailsa Craig seen in the graphic above).

Donald Trump, at that time a billionaire property tycoon, purchased the hotel and golf courses in April 2014 but resigned his directorships after becoming US president. So it was his son Eric who jetted in to Scotland to officially open the second revamped course now named after Robert the Bruce (formerly named the Kintyre Kintyre Course) who is said to have been born and grew up at Turnberry Castle. A King Robert the Bruce "look-alike" dressed in period costume appeared in the photos which were printed in the media the following day, cutting the tape with his broadsword.

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20 May 2017

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