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Queensferry Crossing Opening

Artist's Impression of Queensferry Crossing by Architects

The New Queensferry Crossing will open to traffic on 30 August and it is hoped that Fife will get a great deal of benefit from the £1.35 billion project.

According to the Fife Council the new bridge will give a boost to both tourism and commerce based in industrial sites. The port of Rosyth is also expected to gain from the new link.

A few days after the opening it will be closed to allow 50,000 people to take part in a "once-in-a-lifetime chance" to walk across the bridge before it becomes a motorway with no pedestrian access.

On the opening of the crossing, the Forth will become home to three major bridges from three consecutive centuries. (Graphic on the right by the Institute of Civil Engineers)

The railway bridge, which was completed in 1890, remains an iconic structure thanks to its distinctive cantilever style and appealing red anti-rust paint. Network Rail is progressing plans to take visitors onto the bridge for the first time, focusing on delivery of a 'bridge climb' experience in South Queensferry. The aim is to attract 80,000 visitors a year to climb the 127 year old structure. Access will be provided via an existing walkway under the south approach span and a new steel walkway positioned discreetly within the top member of the southern suspended span. Visitors will be grouped in batches of up to 15 from a new hub building near Hawes Brae and will be hooked on to the bridge using a harness and continuous safety line.

The views from the top will be well worth the climb!

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1 July 2017

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