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Flying Over Orkney Again

Kirkwall Airport from the Air, © Adrian Beney via Wikimedia Commons

A teenager whose mother was the first baby born on a Loganair plane has become a member of the cabin crew.

Chloe Stott, 18, is the daughter of Katy Stott, who was born 2,000ft above Orkney in 1973 on a special air ambulance flight from the island of Stronsay to Kirkwall.

The aircraft was only a few minutes into the short flight when Katy's mother Freida Devin gave birth.

Chloe said she has always wanted to be part of a flight crew. "It's probably linked to the unusual circumstances in which my mum was born but both of us share this interest.

"My family is originally from Orkney, so it's wonderful to be working for an airline which holds such established roots with the islands and I'm looking forward to working on some of the services operating to Kirkwall."

Graphic here is of one of the Loganair fleet at Glasgow Airport.

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1 July 2017

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